Dress It Up



I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and got to enjoy their long weekend! I wanted to share a really great outfit that I’ll definitely be rocking this Holiday season… Specifically because it’s such a fun way to dress down these sequin trousers. The cable knit sweater & army jacket make the pants not so Viva Las Vegas & tone them down. You can totally wear them on a casual date night like this, or toss on a white v-neck & black blazer to really dress them up. And I love how they aren’t super fitted. This trouser style is a much more comfortable style pant to wear, which I think is ALWAYS obvious to everyone around you. Not to mention it’s the most popular style right now because of it’s effortlessly cool laid-back look. To dress down this outfit, throw on a pair of cutoffs or skinny jeans & you can bring it from night to day. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beanie! This is a must have this season for everyone! It’s so cute and a really easy way to make your outfit look super current. THREEheartsSM

Photos by Michelle Preau Photography
Title #2


There’s so many things I love about this post. First, the Chelsea Boot-it’s totally the boot of the season. I absolutely LOVE this boot… You can wear it so many ways, but this is my favorite way, with a pair of ponte pants or denim. Second, the shades-the color’s fabulous-and CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY’RE $30 BUCKS????!!! They are oh so fabulous and pick up whatever color you’re wearing. And lastly, the pearls-I’m loving all of these pearl earring trends out there right now. Everything to the earcuffs-to the double posts. So these are all there must haves this winter. Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving if I don’t post before…☺ THREEheartsSM

Photos By Michelle Preau