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Hello all! Thank you all for welcoming my posts when they are usually one of the first things in your email inbox in the mornings. I always try to keep them fashion or artistically informative, this is my first post that I’ve ever done on a beauty product so I hope you enjoy me adding that to the mix. I wanted to save my first product post for something I really believed in & Enza products have done more than just not let me down, they have truly changed my skin. First, the girls at Enza are fantastic. They will help put together a regimen that is perfect for your skin type… I was struggling with a few sunspots that were really bothering me & they got worse after I had Jake. So my rep at Enza helped me come up with a routine that was perfect for my skin type & issues. And they can totally do the same for you! Just check out www.enza.com & give them a call-you can ask for a rep who can personally handle your individual needs. They will walk you through every step of the way. And when you purchase any of the products online, use the code COVETENZA and you will receive a major discount of 40% off just by using that code that only comes from being a follower of The Coveted Life. I hope you order some & that your Enza products do just as much for you as they’ve done for me… THREEheartsSM

photos by Kaela Rodehorst Williams Photography

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