More Closet Rehab


Good Morning readers!
 Thank you for visiting & reading the blog today as I’m always grateful to my friends & clients that like to see what’s going on at The Coveted Life.

Today, I’m super excited to share the photos from my latest major closet project I completed. The style is super sleek & contemporary, so different from the last “Closet Rehab” project & post, which was much more traditional. It was important to me to show you all a different style than that last post. While both are totally amazing, when I take on projects that are this involved, my goal is always to create a pretty, comfortable, functional custom dressing room or closet that exudes my client’s personal style, just like their clothes. And to have them as happy as can be with their new space. Because if you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in there, so it’s got to be good ☺

This particular client chose the “Overhaul” package (see under the tab COVET MY CLOSET). So, not only did I draw plans & supervise subcontractors, I purged about 20 bins of clothes, & actually made my client around $1500 by taking her things to a resale store. Just purging the clothes alone almost completely covered my fees-That’s pretty awesome…! It’s like she got her closet completely cleaned out for free ☺ Approximately 10 bins went to the resale store & the rest went to The Covenant House, which is the ONLY charity now that I bring things that re-sale stores won’t accept. In case you aren’t familiar, The Covenant house is a charity that helps the young people in New Orleans who really have no one to care for them, guide them, or provide for them. A friend of mine turned me on to this particular charity & I just love how they help the children in New Orleans who need it the most. So I feel pretty strongly about bringing things there, unless a client has a charity they prefer.

For this latest project, the plans were sketched & drawn by me, with an island build by California Closets & doors built onto the existing cubbies from Northshore Millwork. I provided my client with some other things that were really important to her too: like a space by her window where she could relax & hang… Plus I love that this space doubles as the place where she can put her shoes on. The lovely velvet cushion was made by Katie Koch Interiors from a fabric designer out of Paris. The selection of fabric & design was a collaborative effort between Katie, the homeowner & myself. Another important part of the design is now we have SUPER organized jewelry drawers, along with lucite dividers for her exercise gear & her undergarments. I also included a laundry hamper built into the island that tilts out and has separate sections for dark & lights-HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Ok, well, I’ve talked your heads off in this post, but I hope you enjoy the pictures & learning a little bit more about my process & how I work. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, just go to the “Contact Jenny” tab & shoot me an email. They go directly to my phone, so I’ll respond as soon as possible…. Thanks again for reading & following me. From the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate each & every one of you who enjoy the blog & and all of your support THREEheartsSM