Come Together


It’s almost that time of year again!  Whether you’ll be going to Coachella in California, Lollapalooza in Brazil, or Jazz Fest right here in Nola, I’ve got you covered for all of your fashionable festival essentials.  Here you’ll see my absolute favorites that you HAVE TO bring along with you.  Take a peek at some of the other festival clothes & accessories at & too!  They have a great selection of garb & gear…. So whatever festival you’re going to (if any), fill your shopping carts with some of these great styles before they sell out.  And honestly, even if you’re not a festival kind of gal, almost all of these are great spring/summer buys for everything from running your everyday errands to getting ready for beach season… Because that’s creeping up on up too!  After you fill those shopping carts,  go ahead & pull the trigger & get your festival & beach threads ready so you can be well prepared to get in your groove! THREEheartsSM