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So this week’s post is less about the clothes I’m wearing, but more about the art.  My friend & super talented Artist Raine Bedsole had been inviting me to come down to her studio in the Bywater to check it out & I was lucky enough to visit her on a day where I caught her in action. She, along with her artwork could NOT be ANY COOLER!  I seriously wanted one of everything in her studio, from the oars with maps, to the collages on paper or wood, to the boats with crystals…  She also works with other medias such as sculptures both welded & cast, but we didn’t get to see any of those because they are all either sold or in her gallery.  And as far as my outfit, it couldn’t be better for this transitional weather we’ve been having down here in the New Orleans.  A super soft cashmere sweater with a pleated maxi & my favorite moto boots.  Comfy & cozy, hanging with my girl Raine, sipping on yummy coffee with fabulous art surrounding me…  Doesn’t get much better than this…  I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

If anyone is interested in Raine’s work, you can either contact the gallery Callen Contemporary or email her directly at rbedsole@me.com.

Skull Crewneck Sweater
Pleated Maxi
Moto Boots 
via Emma’s Shoes
Horn Necklace  via Emma’s Shoes
Bracelet via Emma’s Shoes