Spring it on.


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Pretty Pastels… Whether it’s blush, mint, lilac, or pale yellow, these pastels were on almost every designer’s runway for Spring 2014.  And it’s a really easy trend to bring into real life. Blush is my favorite of the pastels & I love how it goes back to our favorite neutrals like grey, black, white, & nude. That makes this little Alice + Olivia number the perfect top to wear with your slouchy sknnies & sneakers or dress it up & wear it with the Norris Pleated Sunburst Maxi that it’s shown with here on SHOPBOP.

Berks… Who would have thought this trend would ever come back???  I wouldn’t have called this one & I don’t think many of us would have either.  And if this doesn’t prove that everything comes back around, I’m not sure what does. I was so happy to see some prettier version out there this year like these by Rachel Zoe!  SO much more glam than what you traditionally think of when you here “Birkenstocks.”  So they don’t have to be, as a friend of mine calls them “California Birth Control…” They can be both sexy & comfy all in one…

Flares… From my experience, you’re either a “Flare” girl or you’re not.  I’ve ALWAYS LOVED them!   So I was super excited to see these back on the radar this Spring.  But with this trend, I say wear them always… If you love a flare, don’t put them away until they are back on the runways. Wear them always-they look great on almost anyone.

Midi-rings… This trend took me about a half a second to get into… They’re so dainty & feminine  & just a tad bit trendy without that overkill of some of the other crazy jewelry trends out there.  Of all of the brands, Gorjana makes the best, BY FAR, so pull the trigger now on this one…

Pleats… I’ve “Coveted” this skirt for some time now.  I love the pleats, love the leather, love that it’s high wasted… Wear it now with a cropped tank & gladiators or later with tights & booties & a chunky knit.  Great investment piece…

Cropped… Ok girls, we have to do our crunches for this one… And I’m not sure if I’m quite ready. Love the idea, but for now I’m leaving this one to those who can. Maybe by swimsuit season I’ll be ready.

Sporty Sandals… We’re seeing these everywhere.  Mostly in a flat with ankle straps & some serious metallic or mirrored detail.  I chose this heel because it was the first I’ve seen in a heel that was totally on point.  It’s not that same flat sporty sandal trend that we’re seeing everywhere (even now the knock offs at Steve Madden).  And honestly, as much as every girl loves her Christian Louboutins, let’s get rdal, who doesn’t love a comfortable heel.  These went RIGHT in my shopping cart yesterday & should definitely be in yours too.

Mules… This is FOR SURE the shoe of the season… And this pair is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I love the white & the perforated detail.  Get your mules now because they’ll be around at least through Fall 2014, so don’t miss out on this trend… They aren’t going anywhere for a while☺

Iridescent/Full skirt… I sort of double dipped with these two trends…  I hadn’t gotten into the full skirt trend yet, but this iridescent blue is so pretty I couldn’t resist.  And the price point is great.  Wear this one with a cute graphic tee & your new mules, or a pretty lace cropped blouse & strappy heels.  TRUST-this one will end up being more versatile than you think.

Trousers… Gosh I’m so glad I still have all of mine in my closet.  They are perfect for when you’re not up for wearing a dress, and you can play with them a lot more.  And let’s face it, when your not feeling like your legs are looking their best, these will be your go to white trousers you can totally dress up.

Sneakers… Get these asap!  Before they sell out.  The slip ons are so much easier than the lace ups, the color is perfect for Spring (or Fall) & you can’t find better kicks than these.

Lilac… This pretty purple is the color or the season.  What a better way to wear them than with a touch of it in a wayfarer… I only have about 4 pairs of sunglasses in my handbag at all times to go with my outfits and these went in my shopping cart with all of my other must haves. And girls, the mirrored aviators are a little (ok alot) played out, so let’s retire them for a second & breakout something a little more special like these lilac wayfarers.

Fringe… Yes Fringe is still going strong on the runways… Another trend that’s feeling like it’s on the verge of being seriously played out… When I look around my closet & see dresses, jackets, cardigans, handbags all the way from circa 1978 (from my mom) to 2014, I didn’t feel like I needed one more fringe piece in my life… Until I came across this Deepah Gurnani necklace.  So there went one more little happy in my shopping cart.

So there you have my top picks for the season.  I hope this helps you all get started on your Spring staples.  And you can find them all at www.shopbop.com.”  Let’s say “So there you have my top picks for the season.  I hope this helps you get started on your Spring staples. Feel confident when you pull the trigger & click “Purchase” after adding all of these fantastic finds to you shopping cart.  You can mix and match them, while each and every one is a stand out piece on it’s own.  And you can always reach out to me if you need any help. No matter how small or big the job, I love to help all of my friends & blog followers look & feel their absolute prettiest.