Overalls – I have to admit, it didn’t think I would be as big of a fan of this Spring trend until I tried them on back in September.  I’ve never had a pair—not even when I was in like 5th grade–and now I’m feeling totally gypped.  Seriously, where have they been????  There isn’t anything in the world this comfy, totally versatile, and surprisingly sexy… Wear them on cold days with a chunky knit & booties or during warm weather with a tank & flip flops like I did here.  They have been the most unexpected, fabulous addition to my wardrobe.  Truly… I’ve searched high & low & these made by Citizens of Humanity are by far my favorites.  I found them @ my friend Traci’s consignment store “Style Encore,” while I was bringing in some clothes to drop off for a client & I couldn’t part with them.  Since then, it’s been a seriously good match…

Meanwhile, Jake wanted to make a little cameo… He was feelin’ it & wanted to be in on the photo shoot.  What a blast?!  Thank you to so many for making this day so much fun… Angele, Kristie, Kaela & nanny Carrie who we love & miss dearly…

Tank Top
Flip Flops

Cuff: Stylist’s own
Necklace: Stylist’s own

photos by Kaela Rodehorst Williams Photography