Last-Minute Gift Guide

Ok so I know I said you wouldn’t be hearing from me until the New Year, but I couldn’t seem to stay away. I felt like I would be abandoning my followers in the last hour if I didn’t give you my gift guide to last minute Christmas and Chanukah presents.  Here are my favorite pics for the most important people, at least in my life.☺

PARIS-SI-STYLE-2 So for that oh so special girlfriend friend: This book is priceless! It’s even better than it’s predecessor “Parisian Chic” and it’s a great reference for any girl that’s on the go and that’s into fashion. Not only does it have some awesome ideas, it has some fabulous fashion “rules” (if you want to call them that).  I’m normally sooooo apposed to rules of any sort, when it comes to fashion, but these two authors nail them. This book is like a fashion bible that you should keep in your handbag with you at ALL times.

Paris Street Style: A guide to Effortless Chic

BILLFOLD Something for Your Guy If you’re like many girls, (not saying any names)☺, you wait until the last minute to buy something for your guy. Not because you don’t care, but because guys are really hard to shop for.  First tip is to pay attention all year.  If you hear him say his wallet is gross, log that and then done!  You’ve got your Christmas gift!  I came across a similar situation so I found this fabulous Calfskin Billfold in so many color combos. It’s not too waspy (but just a tad) and has the quality of fabulous Italian leather.  Not to mention, it’s the perfect wallet that can fit a bunch of cards and even a few coins, which most wallets for men don’t have.  Plus I’m sort of  OBSESSED with the color blocking options!

Brooks Brothers Wallet,default,pd.html?dwvar_MQ00042_Color=BRWN&contentpos=5&cgid=


MARK-MAT Next is for that special baby in your life. After sifting through so many toys and gifts for Jake, I’ve learned how to decipher between the good ones and the ones the little guys (or girls) won’t be into. This farm to table placemat is the perfect gift for so many reasons. First it introduces your baby to the whole farm to table concept, teaching them about the animals along with teaching them about this healthier way of eating.  Plus, it’s great for coloring so they can express themselves creatively and it’s actually a useful placemat that you can wipe clean after it’s colored over again and again.  I sent this to one of my girlfriends in New York for her daughter and she flipped out over it!  So did her little girl! Happy baby=happy mommy and daddy so good all around.

Farm to Table Placemat


These are my favorite “people” to buy for. Man’s (or Women’s) best friend.☺  Since they are just as much a part of the family as the rest, they deserve a super special present too.  So how cute is this sweater?  It’s a little late to get it monogrammed, but order it monogrammed anyway and give it to your pup after Christmas, since let’s get real, they won’t actually know the difference. Get them a Christmas pastry from Sucre ( to spoil them for the holiday and you can give him or her the sweater after. Any pets that gets one of these for a present is lucky as can be!

Ralph Lauren Classic Cable Cashmere Sweater for the pet


Chenille Blanket This is the gift you can give to basically ANYONE – family, friends, in-laws (yourself lol).  But it falls into the “family” gift category. They are so cozy and ANY family will absolutely adore it.  I have a couple and Jake has mini-me one.  He can’t go anywhere without his. They are so soft and perfect for cuddling up while watching tv, working on your laptop, or whatever-they are just the best…. Oh and get the bigger of the two Chenille ones (the one that’s 58×88).  TRUST- you’ll be happy you did!

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket home/throws/